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In this downloadable eBook, Prof. Wright uncovers the Jewish scriptural tradition in Paul’s gospel.

Paul knew his Hebrew Scriptures, and employed them liberally. Tracing these quotations, references, and allusions, as well as the Jewish concepts behind commonly misused Pauline language, can clue us into a lot in terms of how Paul interprets and redefines Israel’s story around Messiah Jesus.

In this eBook you will explore:

•How Paul understands Israel’s story.
•Jesus as the focal point of Israel’s promises.
•Justice and what it means to be God’s people.

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This Bible Plan is based on our course, The Heart of Romans. Learn more about that course below.

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“Learning about these courses was life-changing, a term I do not at all use frequently or lightly. I am slowly making my way through them and have increased my understanding of Scripture in leaps and bounds, to the glory of the Almighty.”